Welcome back! If you’re still checking in each week then well done you, but don’t you have something better to do?

Honestly post lockdown life has mostly settled into a pretty dull routine in which most of the exciting and fun stuff is cancelled, but hey, we can still go to work, so that’s a bonus right?

This week was exactly one of those weeks, but just in case you’re interested, this week I….

Put the Focus on Down Time

I think I’ve had a stress headache for about 2 weeks, and I keep having to remind myself to unclench my jaw, so this week I tried to put some extra focus on chilling out and down time.

On Monday I treated myself to a candle lit bath and a glass of wine, on Tuesday I enjoyed Zoom Pilates that I’ve just restarted and on Saturday I went full spa afternoon with plinky plonky music and a face mask. I also carved out enough time to watch a whole 2 series of Selling Sunset during the week.

One of the best chill out things I did though was an impromptu Pub visit. A client cancelled and we impulsively decided to go to the pub instead. It feels like a long time since we’ve done anything without it being planned in advance. We also ate chips and then came home and enjoyed the virtual Pub Quiz we’ve been doing over Zoom since March.

On Friday I felt abnormally perky considering the beer consumption, and I can only put it down to a bit of chill out time.

Did some virtual decorating

But only as a precursor to some actual decorating.

We’ve lived in this house for 8 years and never really bothered to decorate properly. At the end of last year I finally did the dining room, and this time it’s the job of the living room.

I can’t be bothered to paint the whole thing, it’s not in a bad state mostly and I can’t be faffed to try and remove or paint over the textured wallpaper, so instead I’ve opted to paint the wall over the fireplace. I was considering green or red, but wasn’t sure which, which is how I discovered The exciting Dulux Visualizer app.

I now have several tester pots on their way.

Watched Lady and the Tramp

Yeah, I’ve seen it before, but not for ages, and this time we ate home made spaghetti and vege meatballs off of a checked table cloth so we could join in the fun.

It only occurs to me now that this is possibly the most interesting thing I have done this week, certainly more interesting than *not* painting my living room, and I entirely failed to take a single photo. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was very nice.

And that was another week in my thrilling life.

How was your week?