Well, here we are again.

Sunday afternoon in that transition between autumn and winter when the trees are golden and the air is cold and crisp. It’s quite nice, unless you have to stand out in it all morning, and now your face is all red and windswept.

I plan to spend the afternoon warming up a bit and watching Poirot.

But first, this week I…..

Went to a supermarket

I don’t think I’ve been in an actual proper supermarket since Lockdown 1.0. I’ve been getting deliveries and popping to corner shops, but not done any proper shopping.

The lure of “free” wine, however, was too much to resist. So considering you could only take advantage of the Nectar double up promotion in store, off to a supermarket I went.

I swapped £50 worth of Nectar points for a £100 voucher that could be spent on limited things. One of which was TTD wine. So that’s what I spent it on.

Judging by some of the very specific empty spaces (mostly fizz!) so did a lot of other people.

Splashed out on my hair

I’ve been bleaching my hair for a long time and it’s stayed in pretty good condition, but this year infrequent haircuts seem to have finally got to it and recently it’s been breaking off and has that horrible bubblegum type feeling when it’s wet.

I’ve seen Olaplex recommended, but it seems very expensive, so after about 3 weeks putting it in and out of my basket I finally caved and bought a bottle of the Olaplex No.3.

I tried it this week and my hair actually feels like hair again, so I’m not regretting it for a second.

Highly recommend.

Had a fight with Ubereats

We don’t seem to be having much luck with takeaways at the moment.

After last weeks row with a Deliveroo driver who doesn’t understand addresses. This week I for an email from UberEats offering me 50% off if I paid with MasterCard.

“Oooh”, I thought. “I might treat us to a burger”, so I ordered a burger, and paid with a MasterCard, but it was a MasterCard that I had on ApplePay and apparently that doesn’t count. Though it didn’t say that in the terms. So I ended up paying double what I expected. I attempted to contact customer services but they refused to understand what I was saying so I had to live with it and thought maybe I should order fewer takeaways.

Good story huh?

Had a bad back. Again

I don’t even know why my back pain from August has flared up again, but it has.

I’ve been doing Yoga and stretching but I’m not sure it’s helping. It feels a bit like the muscles have spasmed, and therefore stretching is just having the same effect as pulling on the ends of a piece of knotted string.

I find it difficult to lift things off the floor, which makes life in a world where delivery people leave things on your doorstep very complicated.

I am making use of hot water bottles, foam rollers and nice hot baths as well as Yoga in an attempt to bring myself back to normal service.

Had a birthday party

Because during lockdown you make your entertainment where you can. So this week we celebrated Peppa’s 7th birthday with party food and special doggy cake from RockyCocoTreats.

Invented food that wasn’t awful

I like to cook. But I am not a chef. I cannot invent delicious recipes.

I once invented tuna and peanut butter noodles thinking it would be like Satay. It wasn’t.

There have been other clever ideas that have entirely failed, so generally I keep it simple.

This week I made pizza, and then I made coleslaw to go with it, and I suddenly thought it might be nice slightly spiced. So I added a sprinkling of cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice along with the mayonnaise. Fully expecting it to be inedible. But actually it was quite nice.

I include this as it’s a moment that deserves to be remembered for posterity.

And that was another week in my thrilling life.

How was your week?