Gosh it’s windy today! I can hear it growling and opening bins outside, so fortunately my plans for the rest of the day involve staying on the sofa so I don’t blow away.

But before I commence my busy afternoon, we’ll get straight down to another exciting week.

This week I….

Was in pain

I’m going to start with the bad news. Last weeks back pain resurgence has turned into a full on back pain III: the revenge.

Currently I cannot shower, fill a kettle, put socks on, walk or sit down without pain so I’m in a right grump. (Understatement of the century)

I have spent a fortune buying every single thing anyone has ever recommended to me for back pain, so I now have a back brace, magnesium oil, an acupressure mat and a shopping list full of anti inflammatory foods.

More on the back saga a little later in the week…..

Had a cute lunch

Having sushi rice in the house I decided I should use the little moulds I bought many years ago and make myself a bento box for lunch. I had rice, edamame beans and a hard boiled egg. It was very nice and looked cute, but honestly was a bit of a faff. I like to have my lunches prepped but I think I’m more of a “bung a spoon of that in a Tupperware box” type than the type to spend ages moulding rice into bears and stars.

Got far too close to a stranger

More back news. In desperation this week I booked an appointment with an osteopath.

I am super nervous about face to face appointments, but I’m in a lot of pain and I was desperate for some relief.

So I spent 30 minutes being rolled around and laid on by a stranger who cracked my spine a few times. It was hard work if I’m honest!

Sadly, I also did not get any relief from it. What I did get was some potential answers. Apparently he was unable to many adjustments as my muscles are in spasm and too tight. But he thinks that the problem lies with my Thoracolumbar junction, which makes sense considering the location of my pain and how I injured it to start with.

Anyway, I’m still in pain, but if I can relax the muscles maybe he can help. He recommended acupuncture, I have also booked in for another visit with my GP, but couldn’t get an appointment for another 2 weeks. Sigh.

Wore actual clothes

I KNOW! Shocker! I wore clothes that weren’t leggings or maybe jeans to walk the dog.

1 year ago this week the country went into lockdown and my friends and I joined in with our first ever Zoom pub quiz.

We have done Jays Virtual Pub Quiz every single week since, so this year was the one year anniversary. In celebration we drank espresso martinis and I wore an actual dress that I recently treated myself too from the New Look sale.

Drank some wine

I know that’s not unusual, but this was special wine.

A friend and I decided we ought to have a Zoom wine tasting, so despite being slightly hungover from the espresso martinis we thought we’d try and drink 6 bottles of wine.

We did not, obviously, drink 6 whole bottles of wine.

We drank a very nice sparkling rose from Chapeldown vineyard in Tenterden near where we grew up, and we sampled an interesting orange wine, which is made with the skins still in when it ferments, and a pleasant New Zealand Pinot Gris before we started telling rambling drunk stories and then went to bed.

Saw a UFO

Ok, it probably wasn’t a UFO, same as the other week it probably WASN’T a panther.

While we were on an evening walk we noticed a static red light, high in the sky. It looked like it was probably a light at the top of a very tall construction crane. But the thing is WE COULD SEE NO CRANE.

I zoomed right in, see!

Sensible me suggests this was probably a trick of the twilight. But that’s not as much fun as UFOs, so pick your own explanation.

And that was another week in my lockdown life. How was your week?