Hello! A late one today as honestly I sort of forgot it was Sunday and I was tired and fell asleep.

It’s ok, you’re not missing much, that’s what I did for most of the rest of this week as well.

Apart from sleeping I have no more exciting plans for today, and I’m hoping that gives you a little taste of this weeks exciting update.

This Week I…..

Went to the hospital

Oh. That’s new!

It’s the start of chemo cycle 4. 2 and 3 we’ve been able to give the injections at home which means just one visit every 3 weeks. This time due to “supply issues” I was told I had to go in for the injections, which means 4 visits and me rearranging a million other appointments I’d already made for those days.

Ah well, at least I was there at 12 and got a free cheese sandwich.

Got a new chair

Things you have to consider when you’re expecting to go into hospital for a stem cell transplant include the fact that your dogs sleep on your bed and explaining to them they won’t be able to do that for a few months will not be easy.

So the obvious solution is to buy a new chair bed and sleep in the dining room. So that’s what I did.

It looks great actually. It’s Habitat from Argos before you ask.

Did a Zoom workshop

This week I did an online workshop with cancer charity Look Good Feel Better.

It was a skin care and make up workshop. There was a lot of general stuff that I already knew as I’m pretty good with make up having worked as a make up artist, but also some handy cancer specific tips that might be useful in future for eyelashes and eyebrows and some skin care tips.

I also get a goodie bag apparently so that’s exciting!

Had a teeny tiny meltdown

Just a teeny one. Ok, maybe a bigger one. I was crying on the floor for a few minutes because I felt nauseous and was so bloated and it was so damn hot and humid and everything was just HORRIBLE and I didn’t even want to have stupid cancer anyway. Waaahhhh.

Then I got over it and went to bed for a nice sleep and felt a bit better in the morning.

Tried some Yoga

Just a short one. I found a yoga video made for people who’ve had spinal fusion which contained no bending or twisting, so I gave it a go.

It was nice to move again, but surprisingly hard. I’ve lost a lot over the last 9 months and it’s going to be a hard slog to get it back. Figuring out what I can and can’t do now is hard and I’m so cautious as I don’t want that back pain back thank you very much!

I also got to wear some kit that actually fit from Fabletics as part of their ambassador program which is good as everything is too small these days! (2 leggings for £24 or 50% off an outfit for new VIPs!)

Didn’t find a cat

Again, this may not sound like news. There are many days on which I don’t find cats. But this was a specific cat.

There have been signs up for a few days about a missing black and white cat and we have heard a woman walking around the streets calling for him.

We saw her while we were out walking the Pugs, then as we went round the corner we spotted a black and white cat across the road that looked very similar to the one on the poster.

We thought it was worth a check so Mr LLL ran off to find her while I stood guard to make sure the cat didn’t leave, though I’m not sure how I planned to stop it if it tried as I’m horribly allergic.

Eventually he found her and came back, but sadly it wasn’t her cat, it was an entirely different black and white cat, so that was disappointing because it would have been a MUCH nicer end to this story if it HAD been her cat. But it wasn’t. Sorry.

And that was another thrilling week in my life.

How was your week?