Soo, obviously I started my day with Yoga, then I did more Yoga before Roller Derby practice, then I went to Roller Derby practice to get bashed around for 3 hours.

I thought I’d write todays post late so I could get more interesting photos than my bare feet on a Yoga mat, except I forgot to take any at practice, so here’s my bare feet next to my skates.


Practice tonight was, well, it was a game of 3 parts. The first session, with the B team, was odd, I was super hot and the weather was muggy, and for some reason I had the shakes and couldn’t get rid of them. It was like high anxiety, but that normally goes away after one or 2 jams, tonight, nah.

The second section with the A Team I just felt like I wasn’t really “on it” I was missing plays that I knew I should have made because I was just slow, and I started getting frustrated.

The last session, where our next A team line up play against the non rostered players, I actually really enjoyed today and had some really good opportunities to practice things I want to work on.

So now, I am hot and sweaty, and definitely all worked out, and it’s back to my yoga mat to stretch out that back.

The other thing that happened today was that my race pack for the Nike Womens 10k arrived. How awesome are the VitaCoCo leggings?!