Not literally, that would be gross.

I started today with the now traditional “ouch I’ve laid still all night better do some” yoga, and then, as my back has been feeling a little less stuff proceeded to spend the whole day sat still trying to catch up on some work. Leading to it now feeling a lot worse again.

Then, curious as to the fact that as it improves the pain is increasingly in my tailbone and hip area I decided to search Dr Google and see if there were any different stretches or exercises I could do.

I now have Cancer. Or appendicitis. Not sure which. Lesson learned, never ask the Internet.

I spent the whole day today watching the weather looking grumbly and overcast and thought I better go out for a run before it bucketed it down with rain.


So out I went, and immediately wished it WOULD bucket it down with rain. The air is so thick it’s like running through treacle. It’s that kind of weather where you instantly break out into a sweat and small flies stick to your face as you run.

I hope I’m creating a pleasant picture for you here?

In the last half mile of my route I normally head off up through a pedestrianised area by some parkland, but today as I headed up there was a man in a yellow jacket and some barriers up. I’m afraid I can’t tell you an interesting story about what was going because I immediately turned around and ran back the other way, finishing my sweaty 3 miles by running around the block near my house, because I’m sure we can all agree it’s vitally important to run 3 miles, not 2.85 or anything silly.


When I got back I even did my Post Run Yoga as well, earning another point, yay me!

And now I am off to clear some space to put a Guinea Pig that is coming to live with me for a few days!

Points earned so far: 25

Flies stuck to my face: at least 4