I first found Poppy Valentine through the wonderful world of Twitter.

I liked her pretty vintage style avatar and her website looked cute. Then I found out she’s moving to Norwich and will very soon be my neighbour (ish) and I jumped for joy.

The Poppy Valentine shop is now open in the beautiful Art Nouveau surroundings of the Royal Arcade in Norwich and I popped in the other day to fondle the dresses in person and I can confirm they are as beautiful in real life as they are online. Dresses are made from vintage fabrics meaning that only a limited number are available in each design, and some are even one offs, no identikit high street here. The store also stocks a range made in vintage styles from modern fabric.

The range is also made in the UK meaning no pesky environment damaging air miles are used to bring your dresses to you in box fresh condition.

My favourite styles that are currently living in my fantasy wardrobe.

Doris Day in Vintage Fabric £75

Halter Dress from a vintage pattern £49

Belted Dress with Pleated Neckline £49

If you’re Norwich based then pop in and fondle the fabrics for yourself, and if not, just take my word for it and order online at the Poppy Valentine website!

Right now you can get 10% off when you order online using the code ‘thinkfrock’