I do hate to be so very British. But hasn’t it got cold?

Last night I went to Roller Derby practice and when we left it had snowed, unfortunately it had then also rained on top of it meaning that what remained was a light layer of what reminded me of a slush puppie, without the exciting flavour syrup.

Thankfully when I woke up this morning it had all gone, which was a relief because an inch thick layer of watery ice would have made the open toe shoe boots I planned to wear with this outfit incredibly inappropriate and purple DMs wouldn’t have given quite the look I was hoping for.

Stripe bodycon skirt

I basically don’t own much in the way of appropriate footwear for snowy days. Green suede boots? Nope. Ballet shoes essentially made of cardboard? Nope.

When snow arrives I have 2 options. For light snow I have a pair of sensible but ugly flat black shoes with grippy soles, and for deeper snow, purple DMs. This is at least 2 more options than I have had in the past. Back in 1997 when I first started university I awoke one morning to an inch or two of snow. This being the UK the buses to our University campus immediately became incapable of getting to our halls to pick us up, and thus we were awarded an unexpected and very pleasant day off. I (and those of you under the age of 25 are going to have to use some imagination to remember the old days here) had a video that needed returning to the video shop, which was a whole half a mile, or 10 minutes walk from our halls.

Surveying the shoe situation I established that the only pair of shoes I owned which weren’t strappy stillettos, or flats for wearing on the wards, which the snow would immediately fall over the top of, were a pair of chunky heeled platforms. This was 1997, remember, the Spice Girls were still a thing and I pretty much thought I was Posh Spice.

To cut a long story short, the mile round trip to the video shop to return my video took me an hour and a half as I teetered and slid along the snowy pavements, clutching walls for support and I had to spend the rest of the afternoon drinking Hot Mars Bar Vodka to get over the trauma.

You’d think I’d have learnt my lesson, but it’s a story I have repeated on snow days several times over the last 18 years. Still, today the snow is gone and I can wear inappropriate footwear to my hearts content.


How to wear a body con midi skirt

Anyway, my title promises how to wear a Body Con skirt, and I will deliver on that promise (not like that whole “How to Wear a Crop Top” debacle).

I developed a bit of a fondness for these skirts, they’re comfortable and look quite smart. I own body con midi skirts now in red, blue, grey, black, and this stripy one which I accidentally stumbled across for £3 in the Primark sale and then accidentally bought.

I did find deciding what to team them with on the top half a bit of a struggle at first. You can’t tuck things into them, but the waistbands aren’t all that attractive, so anything that finishes too high will look odd, and anything that is too loose and long will look shapeless.

Polo neck

After much experimentation, I found the solution was to wear slim longer tops, then add a belt for definition at the waist. Here I’m wearing a polo neck jumper, but I do the same thing with long line cardigans as well.

Obviously this is advice aimed at people with a similar body shape to me, with a smaller waist and big hips. I’ve noticed those slim hipped amongst you can wear baggy tops and look divine (I hate you by the way. Just saying.)

So, here’s to inappropriate shoes and the current absence of snow. Long may it continue.

♥ Polo Neck – Next a long time ago ♥ Skirt – Primark Sale ♥
♥ Belt – Vintage ♥ Shoe Boots – Guess ♥ Hairband – Lisa Angel ♥