Well hey there! How are you today?

Probably the most exciting thing about my week this week is what is currently happening. I’m in a car on my way to play a British Champs Roller Derby game and I am writing this on my PHONE as I forgot to prepare it last night.

If this works it will be the first time in 9 years of blogging that I have written and published a blog post from my phone, and THAT is a milestone worth noting I think. Don’t you?

Maybe I should get a plaque made?

Anyway, onwards. This week I…..

Got the car key back

This was far more complex than you’d think. Though just as expensive. To get a new car key you need some special codes. These codes might be in the car, but we don’t have the key for the car. What a dilemma.

The locksmith could break into the car first and see if the codes were there. That would cost lots of money, then if the codes weren’t there we could pay another absurd amount of money for him to get the codes for us and make a new key.

We were on the verge of trying to break into the car ourselves and probably getting arrested in the process. Then we found out you could buy the codes online, if you had the ownership paperwork. Which we couldn’t find.

Anyway, to cut a long story slightly less long. We found the paperwork, we have a key. It cost lots. Thanks Mum.

Watched some Tennis

It’s Wimbledon fortnight. The 2 weeks of the year when I suddenly become a tennis expert. I ate strawberries and shouted at the TV, especially on Friday night.

I think I helped.

Had a photogenic coffee

I should go to Cactus Cafe more often, their tables and crockery are very photogenic. The coffee is good too.

Had a photogenic pizza

I swear I don’t ONLY go to these places because they’re more photogenic than my house. But I’m not going to turn down an opportunity for a nice pizza instagram.

Mr LLL decided he was far too lazy to make dinner on Wednesday night, so decided to treat us to one of the yummy pizzas our local pub The Plasterers makes.

Mine had sauerkraut on it. It was delicious.

Was Astonished by Common Natural Phenomena

We had a thunderstorm on Thursday, despite BBC weather insisting we were having “Sunny Spells”.

There was forked lightning and every time it happened I went “Wooooaghaha!” And jumped up and looked out of the window.

pretty sure there’s probably been at least one thunder storm a year for my whole life. They’re still exciting.

Had a leak

Thank my super sonic hearing for the fact that the whole back wall of our house hasn’t collapsed, that’s all I can say.

The plumbing in our kitchen has always been irritatingly dodgy. It took a whole year for us to get a hot tap after the plumber we hired claimed he couldn’t do it. (Mr LLL did it, the plumber was rubbish, I hope you’re reading this Mr Plumber)

On Thursday night I got home and heard a “drip, drip” somewhere in the kitchen. Investigation revealed it was the weird joints behind our washing machine, which are far too close to a plug socket for my liking.

This meant that on Friday we did some REALLY exciting shopping. Honestly, what’s more exciting than speed fit elbows?

Mr LLL fixed the drip. He is very clever.

Celebrated World Chocolate Day

I’ve never celebrated World Chocolate Day before and I’m not sure why. It seems like exactly the sort of holiday I can get behind.

This year Lily O’Briens decided I SHOULD celebrate and sent me some chocolate. So I ate it and celebrated. Thanks guys!

Hurt my knee in my sleep

I play Roller Derby, I go to the gym, I run. Yet last week I grazed my knee walking home from a pleasant night out, and this week I hurt something in my SLEEP.

I woke up about 4:30am and the inside of my knee hurt so badly I could hardly lift it to turn over. I have literally no idea how I managed to hurt myself in my sleep. I’ll file it along with that time I hurt my back carrying a cup of coffee upstairs.

It feels a bit better this morning. Which is a relief.

And that was another exciting week in my life!

And, if this actually works, my first ever post written from scratch on my phone. I am more excited about that than is healthy.