I was thinking about writing a spring wish list. With pretty frocks, and trench coats, and fancy shoes.

Then I realised that’s not what my ACTUAL wish list looks like at the moment.

So I decided to get real, and share what’s on my REAL wish list. There might be some clothes on that list. There might also be some vacuum cleaners, who can say.

The White Company Pearl Grey Dressing Gown

I know it’s hard to control your excitement, but first on my list is a new dressing gown. I currently have a purple dressing gown that I recently realised is about 15 years old. It has bleached patches where I have dyed my hair in it and is generally getting old and grotty. I need a towelling one as I basically use it as the equivalent of wrapping myself in a towel after a shower, and I’d like it to last. So this one from the White Company seems a good choice. I’ve gone for pearl grey instead of white as I am under no illusions as to how long a white one would stay white…..

Joanie Clothing Sincerely Yours Jumper

Back in December I bought a really nice pair of trousers. Unfortunately I own one jumper that looks right with them, and it says “Prosecco-Ho-Ho” on it, thus limiting it, and the trousers wear to 1/12 of the year.

I’ve been considering grabbing this Joanie Clothing jumper as an alternative so I can wear them all year, or at least all the year where it’s the right temperature for lurex trousers and a jumper, which is a lot of it if you live in the UK. I’m waiting for the Medium to come back into stock…..

Hotter Donna Shoes in Truffle

I have the Hotter Donna shoes in black suede, and I love them and live in them on all non rainy days, they do look their best with black tights though, and therefore are also mostly cold weather wear.

As spring is finally peeking round the corner, I really want these in Truffle so I can wear them all summer too. They’re expensive, but in my opinion completely worth it.

George at Asda Unicorn Duvet set

This reminds me strongly of the sort of duvet set I would have had circa 1985.

I want it immediately.

Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I’ve never been the worlds most dedicated of house cleaners. The big heavy hoover is not a thing that comes out regularly, but I am gradually realising that with the arrival of the Pugs, that’s going to have to change, and it’s a MASSIVE faff.

I have found myself daydreaming of lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners, and a bit of research reveals this Shark one is apparently the bees knees.

Feed Me Fight Me Shorts

I spotted this company on Instagram and immediately wanted shorts. I like to wear shorts for roller derby, and I’m always on the look out for exciting colours and patterns.

I don’t even know if this company ship to the UK, but they’re definitely on my want list!