Never try on shoes you can’t really afford.

Or dresses, or anything for that matter. You might think that they won’t be as great when you try them on and you can leave and save your money, but it’s not always the case.

This is very good advice, but not advice I often take myself, unfortunately. Yesterday as I was leaving John Lewis (I bought a reel of ribbon. Rock n Roll) I noticed there was a sale in the shoe department. I tried on some pretty shoes. They were half price. This still made them £62.50, which, for me, is far beyond my shoe, or anything else for that matter, budget.

They were lovely. Twitter made me buy them. Bad Twitter.

Looook, lovely slightly 40s styling with a peep toe that doesn’t show toe cleavage and a nice sturdy yet elegant heel. They also had them in blue suede (I really can’t afford 2 pairs of shoes *sob*)

The money I spent on them was money I had put aside to pay this months web hosting, so if the blog suddenly disappears in the next few days, you know why! Eeek!

But how could I not? Looook!

The shoes are by a brand called Unisa shoes, who I’d not heard of before. So I went off and had a look.

They’re not cheap, approx £110-£130 a pair, but they are good quality. They feel comfortable and sturdy and are made of actual leather, not shoddy cheap plastic, which makes a change for my shoe wardrobe!

They have some nice “vintagey” styles on the website, so it’s definitely one worth keeping an eye on. Especially for the sales.

Clockwise from top left: Obelia Patent Wedge – £115 , Nanoi Kid Suede – £126 , Nimita Kid Suede – £115 , Naive – £130


Currently in the sale on their website they have some cute 50s style kitten heels as well as some more 30s and 40s inspired styles from their winter collection. As ever with sales, sizes are limited, but if you have small feet you’re onto a winner!

Clockwise from top left: Niente Heels – £105 £52.50 , Jaime Heels –£105 £30 , Limbo Lace Ups – £115 £57.50 , Verner KS Heels – £135 £67.50