You don’t need a huge wardrobe of amazing clothes. Sometimes it’s all about the hair and accessories.

With temperatures heading up toward the 30 degrees mark at the weekend I wanted something cool and comfortable to do, um, nothing much, really. Dinner, a drink by the river and more drinks in some of my favourite Norwich Pubs, The Rumsey Wells, and new discovery The Plough.

This is my favorite, but possibly most boring, dress ever. I’ve had it a long time, and you’ve seen it before at least twice in August 2008 and May 2010.

The upshot is that todays outfit post isn’t about the clothes, it’s about the hair and accessories that make a boring black dress into an outfit.

❤ Black Dress - M&S via eBay ❤ Butterfly Necklace - AbiLu Creations ❤ Belt - Primark ❤
❤ Shoes - Miss L Fire via eBay ❤ Silk & Bamboo Bag - eBay ❤ Bracelet - River Island ❤ Fan - Boot Fair ❤

Yep, that’s me hanging around in an alley way trying not to look like I’m touting for business, and that last picture might look like I’m attempting a Tyra Banks Smize, but I’m not, I’m squinting in the sunlight.

That handbag has been in my wardrobe for years and I keep forgetting about it. It’s silk with a bamboo handle and it’s really striking and always gets compliments. The fan came from a Boot Fair and is a new handbag essential for the breeze less tropical paradise the UK appears to have (temporarily) become.

Also, I really just wanted to show off my experiments with hair. I purchased some sponge rollers from Wilkinsons and had bash at seeing if I could get a neater curl by setting my hair with those instead of pin curls, and the answer appears to be “yes”, so I added 3 40s style victory rolls to the front of my head to keep my hair off my face and had a very pleasant evening watching people on the High Street try not to stare.

You can also get a better look at my necklace here, which is another one of my AbiLu Creations pieces.

Even better I rolled my hair back into a few quick pin curls before bed, and it lasted right through the next day too, almost unheard of on my hair, so sponge rollers seem to be the way to go.

Also, as ever, the weekend was Boot Fair time, and I came home with the cutest little wooden deer brooch and more vintage china to add to my growing collection. If you want to see them you should like me on Facebook as I tend to share my Boot Fair purchases on there at the weekends!

Oh, and, in case you missed me pimping myself out on Friday, if you love me at all you should pop over to the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and tell them how lovely I am.

What did you do at the weekend?