Yesterday was wedding number two for September, an old friend from college.



Rose (in my hair) - Oasis a few years ago
Dress and clutch - Vintage
Belt - Vivienne of Holloway
Shoes - Faith

I chose to wear a slightly forties style outfit, and my first attempt at doing something vaguely more interesting with my hair than just putting it back in a bun, though apparently you can’t tell the difference, so I’m not sure wether it’s worth it?

The dress is John Marks by Anne Tyrell and is actually probably early 80s, but I think it has a real 40s feel, especially teamed with red lips and the rose in my hair.

The Bride and Groom apparently bonded over a shared love of the film Mamma Mia so there was a definate Abba theme to the wedding, including a rendition of one of the songs by the Bride and Groom


As you can see this wedding was more traditional in style than wedding number one though the cake was just as yummy!