Well, if you’d told me a week ago I’d be wearing harem pants I’d have laughed at you and then given you a long list of reasons why that would never happen, and yet, as you can plainly see, it has.


I have pretty short legs in comparison to my body and I consider myself “hippy”, not the bare foot flowers in their hair type, more the classic English pear shape type of hippy. I have therefore always considered that no matter how on trend they may be swathing that area of my body in acres of puffy and unnecessary fabric that tapers dramatically towards the ankles is probably going to make me look short, stubby, and, frankly, a lot like I’m wearing a nappy.

Well, this weekend I picked up a pair on my stock hunting travels. A black vintage pair in a lightweight fabric, with a high waist and side button fastening.

I tried them on, expecting a hilarious comedy moment and then to release them to the world of long leggy people with no hips who are designed to wear this kind of fashion trend and make the rest of us feel like unfashionable plebs who should stick with our dark denim boot cut jeans and be happy about it.


Surprisingly I found them quite flattering and actually ended up wearing them out to a barbecue that night with my new favourite SPUN organic cotton 3/4 sleeve top tucked in, belted up at the waist and with aΒ  monochrome Murano glass necklace from Madamis Treasures. Evidence, here that I actually left the house (after annoying Mr Chick by asking if my bum looked big) and a closer look at my new necklace.

I think with this style the slimming powers of black and a pair of heels combined with the leg lengthening effect of a high waist band counteracted most of my fears and whilst they might not be quite as flattering as those dark denim boot cuts they’re certainly a lot more interesting.

So the lesson here, I think, is never to discount anything from your wardrobe until you’ve tried it. You can wear anything if you think about a few simple figure balancing tricks! Step out of your comfort zone and you might be surprised how good it makes you feel.