I’ve cast this monthly spotlight in the past on numerous ethical ways to clothe and decorate your body, but so far I’ve left your feet bare. Which is odd, really, as I’ve mentioned lustworthy ethical shoe label Beyond Skin a couple of times.

Beyond Skin are a vegan shoe company, created in 2001 to address the distinct lack of availability of shoes that were both stylish and cruelty free.

They have factories in Spain, India and England that they work with closely to ensure there is no exploitation in the creation of their products. Not just concerned with cruelty to humans and animals, Beyond Skin are also taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint by sourcing all their materials as close to their factories as possible.

Whether you class yourself among the meat eaters of the world or not there’s no denying that these are some lovely shoes.

Of course just being cruelty free wouldn’t make these ethical shoes, we can buy cheap plastic shoes anywhere. Beyond Skin also ensure that the synthetic materials they use are as kind to the planet as possible, using PU instead of PVC and polyester satins, rather than viscose, as they contain less harmful chemicals.

On a wider scale they’ve also pledge to give 1% of their turnover (or 10% of pre tax profits, which ever is greater) to environmental and social projects. All of which means these are lovely shoes you can not only buy with a clear conscience, but also actually feel good about.

My favourites from the current collection are the red faux felt opal and the cute black hemp flats.

Having already seen and fallen in love with the Spring Summer collection at the estEthica stand at London Fashion Week. I can’t wait for it to be available to buy, or at least for me to dream over. Particularly these lovelies, which just feel like they are made of the most luxurious buttersoft leather imaginable.