Wow, I could have spent the entire day just sitting in the Orla Kiely presentation staring at the beautiful set and gorgeous clothes.

The room was set up in “rooms” with retro Orla Kiely print wallpaper and divided into a living room complete with telephone table and tv and bedroom with a wardrobe full of Orla Kiely dresses (Oh I wish it was mine) and dressing table.

The models moved around between the rooms in a variety of cute peter pan collared dresses, sharp retro suits and 60s style coats. I was particularly fondĀ  of the black shift dress and orange coat in these pictures.

They were also wearing the most amazing platform killer heels with ankle socks. A look I’m not sure I can pull off myself, but looks stunning on tall skinny models!

I also liked the make up a great deal, very fresh faced with a peachy blusher and a soft sheen. In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of anything I DIDN’T like about the collection. Probably my least favourite item was a plastic rain coat with the famous leaf print on it.

I was filled with the urge to take the entire collection, and most of the furniture, home with me. But, quite apart from the fact that it wouldn’t fit me, I believe this kind of behaviour is frowned upon.

I also discovered that models do smile. Or at least these ones did if you grinned inanely at them for long enough. I may try it out on other models who have instructions to remain straight faced and stare wistfully into the distance. At least until I get escorted from the premises…..