Look Mum, NO TIGHTS!

I hope everyone enjoyed the glorious sunshine this weekend in the UK? There was a bit of a Spring time nip when out of the sunshine, but a dress with sleeves meant I could go out without a jacket for the first time this year.

❤ Dress, Belt, Bag & Sunglasses - Vintage ❤ Shoes - E-Vie via eBay ❤

This vintage dress I always think of as Granny Chic. It’s a dress most people would walk straight past. Indeed it was on sale in my shop for months and never even got a single watcher, so now it’s mine.

It’s a lovely duck egg blue floral print with a beautifully swishy skirt and loose gathered sleeves. I think it’s no earlier than 70s, but it has a real 1940s vibe to it. I added brown leather accessories and some swirly rolls in my hair for a look that made me feel like a proper lady. I felt a bit like Dita Von Teese, if Dita had eaten a LOT of pies, and needed her roots doing, of course. Even better, this whole outfit, including accessories, cost me under £7.

Thus attired for Spring sunshine we headed out to nearby Fritton Lake to visit an indoor market. We didn’t come home with much on this occasion, but it was certainly worth a repeat visit. The stalls were a mix of car boot sale junk, wonderful bargains at bargain prices and proper antiques with prices to match, but very enjoyable to rummage through.

On the way back we pulled into the Raveningham Centre with the intention of getting a drink at the Cafe. It turned out to be the most amazing place. There was a huge old building just stuffed with piles of antique rugs and furniture. It looked higgledy piggledy, but the prices were anything but. There are also artists studios there, most of which were unfortunately closed, but still, a wonderful place to visit and we spent ages exploring.

My feeling is that it’s probably not quite time to pack away those winter coats just yet, but it’s nice while it lasts.

Did you do anything fun in the Sun this weekend?