Well, we’re now a full week into December, present buying panic is well and truly setting in and I’ve already discovered that some of the things that DO taste better than skinny feels are mince pies, mulled wine and really cheap chocolates from the pound shop.

But, most importantly….


This year I have eschewed a real tree in favour of a load of sticks. We collected them from a nearby wood ourselves and decorated them with ribbon, twinkly lights and my collection of lovely baubles.


It’s a shame plugs are so ugly, but I’m sure that soon this eyesore will be obscured by the huge mounds of beautifully wrapped presents that will no doubt end up around the base of the tree.


I would like to pretend that we did this in an attempt to be more eco friendly, however the simple fact is that not only did I think it would look pretty cool, but Christmas Trees are expensive and I am poor as a Church Mouse that doesn’t qualify for benefits.

If you do want to be all eco friendly here’s a list of Organic Christmas Tree Farms

So, now you’ve seen my tree I want to see yours….

Post a link to a photo or your own blog post in the comments, tweet me, or post it on my Facebook page. Maybe if I get to see enough photos I’ll put together a whole new post with pictures of all your trees and we can all feel Christmassy together.


As a bonus you can see a photo of my other tree. This one has been with me since I was at university. It’s only about 2 foot high and due to it’s old age is a little wobbly about the bottom and a little wonky in the branches, but it comes out every year. Bless it…