All the way back at the end of November Idiosyncratic Style wrote a post called Fashion Dare: Pajama Possibilities. I included it in my Links à la Mode round up that week and I also though “hmmm”

Hanging on the back of my bedroom door for about 3 years has been a beautiful printed satin kimono wrap. I rarely wear it, because it’s all slinky and pretty and most times when I want a robe I want fluffy and cosy.

But what if I belted it in?

Could my dressing gown pass for a dress?


I’m still not sure. Maybe it’s because I KNOW it’s actually a robe? I love the length and the dramatic sleeves but I still might just feel like I’m going out in my dressing gown.

What do you think? Should it make it’s way into my Christmas Party wardrobe or go back on the hook on the back of my bedroom door?