I have never bothered with false eyelashes in my life.

I was blessed with relatively long, thick eyelashes (though very fair) so I pretty much figured that all I needed was a few coats of mascara to get enough definition. Plus I was always a little afraid of looking like a WAG (Have you see Cheryl Cole? She looks like she has dead spiders glued to her eyelids.)

Actually, I lie. I did once experiment with some of those individual lash inserts, but one of them fell off into my beer and it was never repeated.

Then Revlon contacted me about a month ago and asked if I’d like to try some of their new self adhesive eyelashes. I said yes, with my normal “I only write about stuff I like” disclaimer and waited with entirely un bated breath.

What I received was a package containing some Revlon “Fantasy Lengths” lashes in 3 different styles (I didn’t even know they had styles!) Intensifying, Defining and Flirty.

I tried a couple of my normal make up looks wearing them. On the left Defining and on the right Flirty



In short. Actually yes.

In a bit more detail. Well, I tried the self adhesive lashes first. First time I tried they went on a bit wonky, but I managed to hide it with eyeliner. Next time was far easier.

The lashes alledgedly come with replacement self adhesive strips but I sure as hell can’t get them to work. Maybe I’m stupid, or maybe the instructions could do with being clearer (please do not answer this question, I can’t cope with the answer) So the third time I used them I just used glue to stick them on. I followed these excellent instructions and was surprised that I actually found it EASIER to apply them using glue. With glue I could adjust the lashes slightly once in position on my eyelid, while the adhesive strips stuck fast too quickly.

I am now an absolute convert to false eyelashes for evening. They add great definition to your eyes and if you pick the right style don’t look at all WAG. My favourite style from the ones I tried was Defining. I found this the most natural looking. Flirty was probably the most obvious false eyelash look, but I think it’s just a case of what kind of look you want to go for.

A closer look….

Revlon Fantasy Lengths - Flirty

Revlon Fantasy Lengths – Flirty

Revlon Fantasy Lengths - Defining

Revlon Fantasy Lengths – Defining