So, it’s very cold and I’ve already eaten far too much chocolate. This means that it’s DEFINTELY Christmas time.

I posted photos of my Christmas tree/bunch of twigs back at the beginning of December, and I wanted to see yours! I’m still surprised by the number of people not having a tree, even when I was at university I always had my teeny tiny tree, but then, I’m a massive big kid about Christmas and I start celebrating somewhere around the end of November.

To whip up a bit of Christmas spirit, here’s the photos. From fans of Retro Chick on Facebook and on Twitter and other bloggers who left their links.

The Co Ordinated Trees

Wendy and Michelle both had amazing co ordinated trees, in purple for Michelle and Green for Wendy who had a white tree as a child and bought this one for a bit of Christmas nostalgia


The Traditional Trees

Sarah, Fiona, Anita and Jo have all gone for gorgeous traditional trees.


The Crazy Trees

Kate decorated her white tree with super bright tinsel and beads, while Vince has a vintage 1960s tree.


The Bloggers Trees

Finally Blogging lovelies Lady Lunacy, Paige Turner and Sugar and Spice all showed me their blog posts featuring their Christmas Trees.



sugar and spice

Christmas isn’t over yet people, in fact it hasn’t even begun. So if your tree isn’t up yet you can still share it with the world when it is! Add a link to the comments at the bottom. If I get enough more I might even do another post before Christmas.

Now, have some mulled wine and soak up the Christmas spirit!