It appears despite weather forecasts going on about it all week I under estimated how cold it was going to be today.

This morning I WAS wearing this. It felt quite chic. the dress is a shift and I belted the cardigan in over the top for a fitted look.


Dress - Pilot about 8 years ago * Cardigan - Primark * Black Tights - New Look *
Heeled Brogues - New Look * Belt & Pearl Scarf Pin - Vintage * Maroon Bow - Made from a bow tie

Don’t worry though, despite what the picture looks like I haven’t evaporated, I was just so cold that I had to swap to an outfit that I was able to concentrate on work in. Namely this……


Whilst I’m busy playing the part of the cliched blogger who works in her PJs I thought I’d share a few top tips to stay toasty warm AND chic. Tips I am evidently unable to follow myself, or at least not using the clothes in my suitcase this morning. But they ARE excellent tips.

If, like me, you live in a temperate climate, then it’s unlikely you’ll have ice forming on your eyebrows, but it can still get pretty chilly….

  • Layers

This is the first and most important tip I can offer. There is simply no way round it if you want to look chic and warm.

Lots of fine layers are warmer than one thick one as they trap air between them. They also have the added bonus of meaning you can strip them off in over heated shops and restaurants.

Here you can keep it chic by layering a shift dress over a polo neck, adding a longline cardigan and layering patterned tights over a block colour. If it’s really cold you could also add a silk camisole underneath and wear boots and socks on your feet. If I was at home and had a polo neck to hand this is what I might have done with this mornings outfit!

  • Natural Materials
The fibres in natural fabrics like wool will trap heat, and they also absorb a lot of moisture in the gaps between fibres. This means that if you get hot and sweaty indoors, or you get rained on, you won’t feel wet and even colder when you go outside. Gross, I know, but true.
  • Invest in a good winter coat
Investing doesn’t only mean money. You can find amazing an amazing quality coat by investing your TIME in hunting Charity shops, vintage shops and eBay. Look for quality lining and a wool or cashmere outer layer. I’ve written tips on hunting for your perfect winter coat before and it’s worth checking them out before you shop. Investing some time (and as much money as you can) now will pay off in the long run.
  • Warm up your extremities
Once your hands and feet get cold it’s difficult to warm up and putting them directly on a heat source will give you unattractive chillblains. Whilst it might be a fallacy that you lose most of your heat through your head wearing a hat will still keep you warm. Gloves, hand warmers, socks, tights, hats, snoods and scarves are all essential winter accessories. Stock up!
  • Stay Indoors

Outside is way over rated in my opinion. You can keep your snowball fights. I’d rather sit by a roaring fire with a heavily spiked hot chocolate. Yummy.


Picture by Let Ideas Compete