Back in March I shared my beauty must haves, and you guys in turn shared yours.

Afterwards I was contacted by Simple, who were so chuffed that you, and I, loved their products that they asked me if I would like to write a piece for their VIP blog.

So I did.

Thinking about it I’m not entirely sure how more work for me constitutes a reward from a delighted company, but I like Simple so I’ll let them off. If you’d like to read my tips on living a glamorous life on a budget more suited to polyester leisure suits and baked beans on toast then head on over to their blog and read it.

If, however, you are tired of living on a budget at all, or you’re made of money but fancy a Career change, then you might be interested in the Simple “Seach for a Star” Campaign they’re now running.

Essentially they’re looking to recruit someone to their marketing department to be an online spokesperson for the Simple brand, but they’re not interested in qualifications and past experience, they’re interested in what you can actually DO.

Election Day seemed an appropriate day to tell you about it as the format is set up in a similar way. You’ll need to promote yourself and canvas for votes. (and if you haven’t voted for real then grab that polling card and go now!). I’m not sure you’ll be expected to participate in televised debates about the economy, but the principles the same.

If you win you get a prize package worth £50k, which not only includes the marketing role, a makeover and photo shoot and a luxury Caribbean Holiday for 4!

If you fancy that then you need to go to the Simple Star page, answer some questions and submit a photo or video of yourself. The closing date for entries is 3rd September, so you’ve got some time to think about how best to canvas for votes!

If you enter, let me know, I might pimp for votes on your behalf….

star photo by Maschinenraum