Happy Birthday to me! La la la!

Today is my birthday, and before I collapse under the weight of expensive gifts and drown in a pile of personalised birthday cards bought by the extra posties they’ve had to draft in specially (I wish) I thought I’d pop in and show you my eventual interpretation of futuristic retro for BoNanafana last night.

I discussed going for a bit of a Rachael from Bladerunner vibe back in April. And eventually my outfit looked like this (excuse the stupid awkward smile):

❤ Blouse - Calvin Klein ❤ Skirt - Lady K Loves ❤ Belt - Rosa Rosa Retro ❤ Jacket - Warehouse ❤
❤ Stockings - Jonathon Aston ❤ Shoes - Faith (Sob) ❤

The pictures are a little blurry as Mr Chick needs training with my camera, but I’m sure you get the idea.

The skirt was custom made for me by Lady K Loves and fits beautifully. I find pencil skirts really difficult to get to fit, so it’s fantastic to get one made! I’ve also got a Stockings and Romance girdle on under there courtesy of Vintaga, because a bit of authenticity in your undergarments is nice on big nights!

I did my hair myself and I was quite pleased with how it came out. The fringe did start to slip a little towards the end of the night, so maybe more kirby grips next time! The only photo I took of my hair was using the exciting Lomo filter on my iPhone, but here it is, and you can see the back in the second full length photo.

The BoNanafana team treated us to some artificial Hip Hop from Ida Barr (The worlds first Music Hall star turned RnB rap superstar) and some Electro Swing Hop from The Correspondents. I suggest you check them both out as I was impressed!

Finally I shall leave you with a blurry picture of me in front of a radio car thing, as I think the radio car is cute although the picture is terrible…