I’m feeling a little delicate this morning.

A little too much celebration after Englands win yesterday afternoon means I’m trying not to type too loud.

avoid looking hungover

So, on a morning like this, one where I have to face the world while not feeling (or looking) my very best, I’m in need of a few props to convince the world I made an effort.

With any luck there will be another one of these mornings coming next Monday, and with a whole variety of Summer events conspiring to reduce us to haggard old wrecks I thought the time was ripe to share my tips on how to recover from a hangover  over indulgence and look like you made an effort when really you’ve barely managed to drag yourself out of the door:

  • Wear a Dress

Any dress will do. Dresses are the easiest thing in the world, just sling it on and you’re done. No faffing with matching tops and bottoms, no worrying about trouser length and heel height or tops that ride up and show your pants. Yet, and here’s the special secret, for some reason the rest of the world views a dress as the most dressed up piece of clothing you can buy. Wear a dress and the world will assume that today is a special day and you have made a special effort.

I always remember the day I stayed at a friends after a big night out. I dragged myself down stairs the next morning wearing a black cotton summer dress with a 50s style full skirt and a pink belt and my astonished friend looked at me and said “Oooh, you’ve made an effort!”. I hadn’t.

  • Wear Make Up

But don’t pile it on with a trowel, you’ll look worse. Steer clear of anything but the lightest concealer round your eyes and keep your foundation sheer and light.

Blusher is a wonder product for making you look healthy and glowing even if your head is pounding and your mouth is dry. A cream blush is particularly good, in a pinky shade, rubbed lightly into the apples of your cheeks. If you don’t have a cream blush a pinky lipstick is a good substitute in a pinch.  A delicate healthy flush is what you’re after, you don’t want to look horribly embarrased.

Mascara and eyeliner are also handy, but only on your top lashes to make you look bright eyes and busy tailed, curl your eyelashes too.

The other alternative to this is to work with your dark circles and pile on the dark eye make up. That way you can pretend you meant it.

  • Big Sunglasses

Only really useful outside, sunglasses indoors does not make you look cool, it makes you look like an idiot with a hangover. Outdoors, however, big sunglasses are the magic accessory that turns you from hungover woman scuttling to the shop for asprin to Movie Star hiding from the paparazzi.

  • Wear Accessories

You’ve flung on a dress, slapped on a bit of face rescuing make up and added a huge pair of sunglasses. Now we start with distraction techniques. Any accessory more complex than a handbag seems to dazzle. people into thinking you must have spent hours getting ready. Tie a scarf around your head and you won’t have to do your hair, wear a fabulous necklace or bring out the gloves and the hats. Use caution, however, with shoes. If you feel terrible already you really don’t want to spend the whole day worrying about your feet hurting too.

Et voila.

From Grumpy Frump to Glamor Gal in 4 easy steps.

It won’t make you feel any better though…..

recover from a hangover

image by Yuliya Libkina