My favourite flowers are, without a shadow of a doubt, Sunflowers and Daisies.

I love their big nodding heads, that look impossible to support on those tall stems and the black, yellow and white colours that just scream Summer when framed against a vivid blue sky. Summer florals are supposed to be delicate, whimsical and wilting. Not Sunflowers, Sunflowers flaunt their flower power.

Back in the 90s I had daisy hair clips and a cropped T with a huge Sunflower on the front (in fact, I still have that, but I’m unlikely to be wearing cropped T’s anytime soon)

This Summer it’s all about the washed out pastels, but I say Spring is the time for dainty delicacy. Now the sun is shining bring on the brights.

How can these pictures not make you think of lazy, hazy summer days when it’s too hot to move, making Daisy chains in the park, dinner al fresco on hot summer nights and early summer mornings when it’s still fresh before the heat of the day kicks in.

So put away your pastels and save them till the cherry blossoms dance on the trees.


Celebrate the summer by injecting some big bold sunflower inspiration into your wardrobe.



What’s your favourite flower?


Pictures from nutmeg66, BartNJ, Claudio.Ar , Stuck in Customs and wili_hybrid