I never make New Years resolutions.

Starting the year with a long list of aims and targets with which to punish yourself after the excesses of Christmas always seems, well, just plain wrong.

Psychologists have revealed, presumably through extensive research, something that I could have told them all along if they’d just asked. That most people fail at keeping New Years Resolutions. Then they focus on that failure and beat themselves up over it, making themselves feel bad.

I don’t like to make myself feel bad unecessarily.

So that’s my New Years Resolution, just the one, as recommended by leading Psychologists. Not to make myself feel bad uncessessarily.

I have my goals, and I have my targets, but as long as I’m not being a lazy old moo I don’t intend to beat myself up if things don’t go according to plan. Life is ever changing and unpredictable and all you can do is deal with situations as they arise as best you can.

So, my lovelies.

Do you make New Years Resolutions?

Photo by *Sally M*