Whilst I’m wishing you all a Happy New Year and resolving not to make any resolutions I thought I’d also share a photo of my New Years Eve outfit for a Carry On themed party.

The photo was taken at a friends house before I went out, so I’m not responsible for the background I’m afraid! The outfit was fairly last minute as we didn’t decide to go until just before Christmas. The hat is home made from a piece of card and the dress is left over from my past life as a nurse, it was longer than that when I wore it to work! My favourite part of the outfit you can’t see. I’m wearing a stockings and romance red girdle courtesy of my lovely sponsor Vintaga with back seamed stockings, authenticity, very important in fancy dress!

This was the second Bonanafana event I’ve been to, the first was back in November with a Cold War theme. For New Years Eve the theme was Carry On Swinging so I spent the evening in the company of a horde of like minded Doctors, Nurses, Soldiers, Sailors, Cowboys and Cleopatras watching a fat man in his pants drink a pint of beer, balanced on his head, through a washing machine hose whilst juggling knives.

No. Really I did.

At midnight there was singing and dancing and a man in a pith helmet and a kilt. Naturally.

How did you spend YOUR New Years Eve?