So, back to work then.

Truth is I’ve managed to start the new decade with the dreaded lurgy (otherwise known as a bit of a cold). Even so, despite the fact I don’t make resolutions, I’m finding it hard not to be filled with the urge to make changes and improvements to my life. I think it’s more the aftermath of a 2 week holiday of excessive eating and being lazy than any particular New Year nonsense but still, the feeling is there.

As a compromise I’ve come up with 5 resolutions that won’t make me feel bad and are pretty hard to fail at. What do you think?

  • Wear less black.

  • If there was ever a time of year you need a bit more colour in your life, this is it. It’s grey, it feels like there’s nothing to look forward to. Wearing less black is a GOOD plan.

    Maybe go for something a little more low key than this though, you don’t want to blind anyone. A slick of red lipstick or some nice bright gloves for instance, but not this. Never this.

  • Drink less Alcohol

  • Not NO alcohol, just less. There are studies that prove that the occasional drink is good for your heart and it can certainly be a pleasant way to unwind and lift your spirits in a dark and dreary January. Frequent, heavy drinking, however is not only bad for your liver but also your mind, leading to depression and anxiety.

    Like you need to feel any worse after Christmas.

  • Eat more healthily

  • I’m not talking about losing weight, that’s a killer cliche resolution. It’s also one that requires deprivation and will leave you depressed when you get to the end of January and haven’t lost any, or depressed because you have and you spent january chewing on carrot sticks.

    No, what I’m talking about is eating more fruit and veg, drinking more water and eating less processed food. This will actually make you happier. Experiment with the exotic varieties from your supermarket or grocer. The internet is a great resource for recipes for random veg. This is the fun side of healthy eating. The depressing side is cutting down on cheese, cream and chocolate. Save that for February.

  • Look after yourself

  • When it’s cold and miserable central heating and air conditioning all play havoc with your hair and skin. Starting the New Year with a promise to pamper yourself a little is hardly a trauma. Take a trip to Boots and buy all their half price Christmas gift boxes then lock yourself in the bathroom in a cloud of sweet smelling steam till you emerge looking like a Princess.

  • Be less Grown Up

  • I hate being grown up. Do something ridiculous like build a fort in your living room. It’s way more fun than going out for dinner and cheaper too. Being grown up implies a lack of imagination, you don’t want that, especially in January.

Photos by by lepiaf.geo , rchappo2002 , Mulad