I am definitely never knowingly under-dressed.

But occasionally I am unknowingly over-dressed.

Yesterday we headed out to meet up with some old friends who were holidaying on the North Norfolk coast. Anticipating a pleasant afternoon of pottering around antiques shops, followed by fish and chips and a couple of beers in a quaint cottage I wore this.

I felt quite french, it’s the Breton stripes and the beret style hat (it’s not a beret, by the way, it’s a little 50s straw hat that perches on top of your head)

I also accidentally made one of the pictures black and white while editing and kind of liked it, so I kept it that way.

❤ Hat & Bag - Vintage ❤ Breton Striped Top - eBay ❤ Skirt - Laura Ashley via a Charity Shop ❤
❤ Earrings - eBay ❤ Shoes - New Look via a Charity Shop ❤

What began, however, as a brief trip to have tea and a wander round a lovely country town ended with an impromptu stay over and a trip to the beach. Which meant crossing marshes and walking on pebbles in heels and a hat (not that the hat affected my ability to walk, you understand, it just looks a little incongruous on the beach.)

Still, watching the sunset on the beach with your best friends in the world is a wonderful way to spend an evening, no matter how you’re dressed.

I took some photos of the dramatic sky over the beach and the marshes (and a few of pebbles). You can see more on my Flickr stream, if you’re interested!

If you’re ever looking for a beautiful holiday location that will save you the insanely large carbon footprint you leave when you get on a plane then I really recommend the North Norfolk coast. It’s where I spent my Honeymoon. Check out Blakeney Boltholes for some gorgeously stylish places to stay.