Fashion Targets Breast Cancer have declared today #fashionfriday

Back at the beginning of March I got an email asking me to be part of the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign by popping into their studios to film a piece to camera about what fashion means to me, or filming my own. Now, living in Norwich means I can’t really “pop” anywhere in London, but I did film my own. They sent me the questions for a video interview and I put this together for them.

You might also notice I have turned the blog black and white!

I really was astonished to read some of the stats about breast cancer. You’re always told how important it is to check for lumps, but to find out that 1000 women die every month is astonishing. That’s more than one an hour, every hour, every day.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is now in it’s 15th year after Ralph Lauren set it up when a close friend died of Breast Cancer. It’s an awareness raising campaign that supports Breakthrough and has raised £11.5 million in the last 15 years.

Like I say in my video, fashion and taking care of your appearance is so often dismissed as frivolous and unimportant but when the collective might of the fashion world gets behind something like this it can really make a significant difference.

How can YOU help?

There’s lots of ways to help, and some of them don’t cost you a single penny.

  • Bottle Green are donating 25p for every “like” on their Facebook page
  • Donate directly to Breakthrough.
  • If you’re in London you can visit Lucy in Disguise (yes, that’s Lily Allens vintage shop) where they will be hosting a Fashion Targets Breast Cancer photo booth
  • Blog about Fashion Targets Breast Cancer or turn your own blog black and white for the day.
  • You can even just retweet this post, put the link on Facebook or reblog it so that other people will read it and do some of the things that cost money!
  • Lastly, you can SHOP!

You can buy pretty things from Fashion Targets Breast Cancers partners and 30% of the retail price goes to Breakthrough. Here are some of my favourites!

This dress from Laura Ashley would donate £30

This dress from Coast would donate £45

This top from River Island donates £6

This notebook from M&S donates £2.50

Visit the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer website or Facebook Page
for more information.