Do you remember all those weeks ago, back at the the beginning of July, when I didn’t win a trip to Paris?

It was part of a competition with Sarenza where bloggers sent in their photos in their shoes from the Sarenza Continental Fashion Findings range and the Great British Public (or some of them, anyway) had to vote for their favourite outfit.

Sadly you guys are the only people with taste, and my submission wasn’t the favourite outfit. But Sarenza have agreed with me that you deserve a treat anyway.

Therefore they have kindly offered me a £60 voucher to spend on the Sarenza website to give away to one of you lucky lovelies.

This means that you could get yourself a completely free pair of shoes. All of these beauties, for instance, are under £60.


Alternatively you could use it as part payment towards something more pricey, like these, for instance.

Then you could send them to me as these are my favourite shoes in the entire world and at £194 they are about £190 too expensive for me to buy.

But enough wittering about shoes, I know what you want to know.

What do I have to do?

Well, it’s super simple. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me why you DESERVE a lovely new pair of shoes. (Scroll right to the bottom for the comment form!)

Sarenza are going to pick their 5 favourite answers and then I’ll pick MY favourite from those 5.

Be creative, sob stories don’t cut the ice with me I’m afraid, so I want to know why you REALLY think you deserve them, not why you can’t afford them or why you want them. It might just be because you’re a greedy cow who likes free stuff, and that’s fine, I am too, we’ll get along just grand. Maybe you gave all your Jimmy Choos to underprivileged orphans and are now walking around barefoot, or maybe you deserve free shoes because you voted for me in the Sarenza competition every day, without fail (in that case you can also have a big sloppy kiss from me, should you want it)

The competition will run for 1 week only, so get going!

The Competition will run for 1 week, closing at midnight GMT Sunday 15th August
UK entries only, please.
Sarenza UK will select 5 shortlisted finalists.
The final winner will be selected from these finalists by Me, and my decision is FINAL!
The winner will be notified by email.