Well, it appears that fashions love affair with the 50s might be dwindling as the 60s popped up all over the Autumn Winter Catwalks.

To be fair, they’re not quite ready to let go, as it’s not a go go boots and psychedelia version of the 60s, but a more genteel, lady like transition period, where pin curls gave way to beehives, but skirt lengths stayed stayed low.

Yesterday I had a little dabble with the decade. It’s not my favourite decade, but curls and rolls are still beyond me as I recover from my weekend in a tent and seeing as the weather has decided it’s Autumn already it seemed an appropriate time to try out some Autumn fashions (though I firmly believe that come late September we will see blazing sunshine. Trust me, it’s coming)

My take, today, is less about Autumnal tweeds, as there’s still SOME warmth in the air, so I went for a heavyweight cotton midi skirt and a lightweight knit tucked in. The shapes are quite Louis Vuitton, but the colours are all mine today!

❤ Earrings - Vintage 60s ❤ Jumper - Oasis via eBay ❤ Skirt - Laura Ashley via a Charity Shop ❤
❤ Belt - Primark ❤ Shoes - Clarks via eBay ❤

I do like the lady like midi length skirts that are heading back for Autumn, most of my wardrobe is that length anyway, and whilst the boxier 60s styles don’t appeal to me in the slightest there is something appealingly elegant  about this look.

Hair wise, I went for a small beehive. Anything much bigger on me requires padding, and the whole point of today was to keep effort to a minimum. Besides, I’m thinking elegant first lady, not Amy Winehouse stumbling through Camden. I gently backcombed the roots and smoothed the front over, tying it into a low ponytail at the back and hiding the band by wrapping hair around it.

I also abandoned lipstick for the day, focusing on the eyes for that 60s vibe. I think this is another low key look, as mascara and eyeliner stays where it’s put, but lippy needs reapplying.

What DIDN’T stay where it was put, however, were my eyelashes. These are Revlon lashes, which I very much like. They sent me some back in December, and, having never tried them before, I am now a convert. This time around, however, they sent me some “precision lash glue” and so far I am less than impressed. I tried it Saturday night, and had to peel them off within 2 hours as they were coming loose. Putting this down to attempting to apply them in a tent I tried again today, and again they are peeling within hours. The thin brush applicator seems easier to use than those fiddly little tubes, but so far the performance is less than desirable. Possibly I’m not using enough as the applicator is TOO precise, I shall persevere, I’m off out on Saturday, and I will let you know how I got on!

What do you think about the Ladylike 60s vibe?