Where? The end of August!

I can’t quite believe that we’re half way through August already. It’s been such a hectic month.

I am now seeing a physiotherapist for my sprained ankle. Heels are still out of the question and I am currently wearing a tubigrip toe to knee, which isn’t hugely photogenic, so I’m not feeling inclined to post lots of outfit posts. As well as endless physiotherapy exercises I’m also in the throes of planning for Norwich Cocktail Week, and currently completing an online diploma in Personal Nutrition, so I apologise if there’s a lack of interesting things to see and do around here lately!

I have several things to post about this month, a cocktail recipe is coming up, as is (hopefully) my trip to Secret Cinema to see Back to the Future, and I have an AMAZING new dress and cardigan, just waiting for a chance to be part of if it’s very own outfit post.

But today, I’m doing one of those cheat posts, and this is my August so far, on Instagram.

It features tiny ponies, roller skates even though my physio told me not to (shhhh) and more burgers than it really should…..