I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas?

The Retro Chick household has unfortunately been hit by the dreaded lurgy which we’re now trying to shake off in time for New Years Eve. On Christmas Day we still felt rather spoilt in the present department and had a lovely lunch at Cafe Rouge (no washing up, bliss!) but there has been astonishingly little in the way of excessive consumption.

I’m rather fond of my Christmas Day outfit, but where do I start? So many wonderful bits to it! The Christmas tights from Pamela Mann got an outing. They have limited wear opportunities and that’s them done till next December so I thought they deserved it! When I next wear this outfit it will be with simple seamed stockings.

The skirt is my trusty Lady K Loves pencil skirt and the blouse is a Heyday! Olivia Blouse in Deco Circles Smoke, which I exchanged for some advertising and am now in love with, look at those leg o’mutton sleeves! I also think the circles look a little bit like Christmas Puddings if you squint, making it perfect Christmas Day attire!

❤ Beret - A gift ❤ Blouse - Heyday! Vintage Style ❤ Skirt - Lady K Loves ❤
❤ Tights - Pamela Mann ❤ Shoes - New Look ❤ Bag, brooch and dress clips - vintage ❤
❤ Bracelet & Earrings - Notorious Kitsch

The grey beret was a Christmas Present from Mummy Chick, and you might notice pinned to it is a little green snowflake. This was a replacement, cunningly found for me on eBay, by reader CheekyFairy for the one I lost in London. For once my jewellery is also worthy of attention as Mr Chick bought me some of the beautiful red reproduction bakelite (or fakelite) jewellery from Notorious Kitsch, thus proving that he reads my blog and plans ahead. I’m also wearing a pair of deco dress clips that Mr Chicks Mum found lying around the house and sent me (who has things this pretty just lying around?!)

Phew! One outfit, so many bits! If you made it through that then I shall leave you with a few Christmas Day pictures including one of me looking very silly in a paper hat (and don’t even start on what happened to my hair!).

I made yummy American pancakes for breakfast and pulled out my vintage china. I have the matching set for the pink sugar bowl and milk jug, but I like the green tea cups so much I wanted to use them. Both sets date from the mid 20s-mid 30s.

There’s also a picture of the beautiful vintage hat/hair pin that was another gift from Mr Chick, I’ve been very spoilt this year. I’m a lucky Retro Chick and am also the recipient of an alarm clock that wakes me up with the dulcet tones of Mr Stephen Fry as Jeeves, some bottle green leather gloves and a delicious bottle of single malt whisky (and a bottle of lambrini with a straw taped to it, but we won’t mention that)

Did Santa bring you everything you asked for?