On Saturday I spent the day trawling the charity shops and antique markets of Norwich.

This is one of my favourite pastimes when I’ve actually got money to spend (nothing more depressing than not being able to afford something in a Charity Shop!)

Sensibly dressed in my Heyday trousers and a jumper I wrapped up in my winter coat, and added my lovely little deer brooch to the lapel.

I think it dates from the 1930s, and it’s one of my favourite brooches, bought last summer for just 50p at a boot fair.

So, imagine my surprise, when browsing an antique stall in town when I noticed this…..


Also on what looks like a 1930s photo frame, thus confirming my guess on the brooch. I had to buy it. Obviously.

It cost me the grand total of £4 and now I just need to find a nice picture to put in it. My brooch and my photo frame can then keep each other company on my dressing table.

Other bargains from the weekend include a very nice 40s style Hobbs tea dress (roll on summer!) and a cardigan which is quite a nice colour match for my dark green beret and came in very handy when I got chilly in the pub later. I also bought a little printed “white lady” cocktail glass from an Antique Shop in Tombland for £1.50, it appears I have accidentally started collecting cocktail paraphernalia since I got my cocktail cabinet!

Unfortunately, over the weekend I also managed to break the lid of a blue glass powder bowl that my Nana gave me. I was so upset I actually cried as it’s completely irreplaceable to me. It had managed to last 50 years in my Nana’s house without so much as a chip, but 6 months with me and I smash it to smithereens.

A later phone call with my Mum was pleasantly reassuring as she provided me with a litany of all the things she’s broken over the years, regaled me with tales of the time my Nana picked her up from school with a black eye and scraped knees as she’d tripped up a kerb and generally left me with impression that the fact that anything glass had survived unbroken in my Nana’s house was certainly more luck than judgement.

It’s nice to know that I’m just keeping up long held family traditions.

How was your weekend?