Hey there. Well, we’re back on the eve of lockdown mk II. A lockdown I think we all think is at least 2 weeks overdue, if not longer.

I think they were just hanging on so they could make sure we had to cancel our second holiday this year as we had a short break booked for our wedding anniversary in November which is obviously now not happening. Ho hum.

The rest of my day today will consist of watching the Haunting of Hill House, a takeaway and an early night as I have an early start tomorrow.

But first, this week I…..

Went for an autumnal walk

Hey, guys, this week there were actually a few hours where it didn’t rain and we had some nice crisp autumn sunshine.

So on Wednesday morning we went out to the woods and took the Pugs on a long walk. We took breakfast and coffee and looked at cool mushrooms. It was lovely.

Then it started raining again.

Carved Pumpkins

Because Halloween.

So we not only had Pumpkin and Sage pasta for dinner, but we then carved Pumpkins and watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.

There was a very Pumpkiny theme.

Found Baby Groot

He lives in the woods near our house.

Was very Productive

Yeah, so we’ve lived in this house 8 years, last year I finally decorated the dining room. This year it’s the living rooms turn for some attention. It’s all textured wallpaper and mostly in good condition apart from a few scratches on the wallpaper by the door from that cat that trashed the house back in 2017.

So to save an awful lot of effort we decided to jazz it up a bit by painting the fireplace, I’ve had the paint for about a week, and with an unexpectedly free morning on Saturday I decided it was painting time.

I think it looks cool. Especially with the Pumpkins, but I don’t think I can make them a permanent feature!

Had a Low Key Halloween

There might have been no Trick or Treaters this year, but we still like to celebrate Halloween.

So this year we watched Hocus Pocus in the garden, then I made “spooky”’ pizza with mozzarella ghosts, olive spiders and a vegan ham bat.

I’m telling you now, if anyone ever tells you olive spiders are a “fun and easy” pizza topping tell them they’re a liar. They’re fiddly and irritating.

Another top tip for you. Do not put Creme de Menthe in Cava. Yes, it makes it look green and spooky, but it also tastes like fizzy mouthwash and makes you feel sick.

Not recommended.

And that was another week of 2020 over and done with.

How was your week?