Happy Sunday afternoon!

The sun is shining for once and it’s one of those crisp autumnal days that I was hoping we were going to have before it started raining constantly. So naturally I am wasting it watching Netflix from under a blanket.

But before I crack on with that important work, this week I…..

Did not watch Emily in Paris

I’d seen a lot about Emily in Paris. Mostly bad if I’m honest. But other people had recommended it as some pleasant mindless nonsense, so I thought I’d give it a go.

At first I lasted about 30 seconds. The series opens with Emily running along a river in a big puffy jacket, she finishes her run and is told by her phone she’s run 5 miles in 40 minutes. Which is under 8 minute miles, which is pretty fast for a woman in an inappropriate looking running outfit and she just annoyed me and my 11 minute mile plodding.

Then I thought I was probably being unfair, so I turned it back on and lasted a total of 4 minutes and 50 seconds before I decided Emily was so annoying I wanted to punch her and turned it off.

I may give it another chance on a day when I’m feeling less grumpy and cynical.

Had a shopping trauma

Maybe trauma is a little too strong a word. Missing some shopping probably isn’t the most traumatic thing that can ever happen.

On Tuesday my shopping was due to be delivered from Sainsbury’s. It turned up bang on time, but only half of it was actually there.

The delivery driver told me that the original driver had called in sick, so they’d had to transfer my shopping to his van, and presumably lost a tray in the process. He told me to call the help number and tell them to talk to someone at the store who would find the mysterious missing shopping.

My first phone call I got put on hold, and then line went dead, my second phone call was with a deeply disinterested person who I am entirely convinced didn’t listen to a word I said which was confirmed when the things she said were going to happen absolutely did not happen.

So then I made a THIRD phone call when I got someone who was actually helpful, gave me a £10 goodwill credit and arranged for the store to call me back the next day. Which they actually did and my missing shopping turned up at lunch time.

Exciting story huh?

Painted a really bad picture

Last Wednesdays entertainment was a virtual trip to Pizza Express. This week Mr LLL organised us a paint along with Bob Ross.

It’s not as easy as it looks you know.

I’m pretty sure they look a lot better in the picture than they did in real life!

Took a tour of the pubs of Norwich

In some very exciting news. This weekend we had actual plans.

Our friends came to visit from Basingstoke and we took them on a tour of the outdoor spaces of the Pubs of Norwich.

Thursday night we failed a little and the pub we went to wasn’t serving food till the weekend, then we were too late to get somewhere else and ended up eating Deliveroo in the garden at 10:30pm having drunk far too much beer on an empty stomach.

On Friday night we made a bit more success with a hunt for chips and beer.

Then, feeling a bit tired after more nights out in a row then we’ve had for possibly the last decade, on Saturday night we finally got that pizza and drank beer at the market.

I failed to take any photos apart from this wonderful masterpiece of a composition of my pizza.

Saw some cows

It wasn’t *just* pubs and drinking.

On Friday afternoon we headed out to the country to take a long walk. We managed to arrange to start just as it started bucketing it down with rain, but it didn’t last long and we walked a very pleasant 6 miles through the countryside.

And we saw some fancy cows.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?