Hey Hey Hey!

That’s always fun to say. And it rhymes.

Last time I tried to do an outfit post with my Heyday! Mary dress I don’t think I did it justice, so when I wore it for the first night of the Norfolk and Norwich festival I thought I’d give it another whirl.

❤ Dress - Heyday! VS ❤ Heacd scarf - vintage from a Charity Shop ❤
❤ sunglasses - from a Boot Fair ❤ Shoes - Stylist Pick ❤

It’s a fabulous 40s style frock in a matte satin, so perfect for smart casual type affairs. I was worried I was a little smart, so I tried to dress it down with a headscarf, forgetting that it’s not *actually* the 40s and a headscarf these doesn’t make you look like you’re doing the cleaning, it consitutes “an effort”

The Heyday dress is also really comfortable to wear, I don’t find it at all restrictive, which is nice in such a fitted dress and the fabric is pleasantly soft. It looks like the Mary Dress is all sold out online at the moment in favour of the gorgeously Summery Fleur (which I keep umming and ahhing about treating myself too!) Hopefully it’ll be back soon!

You can also see a pair of my Stylist Pick shoes in these pictures. These have since joined my “not for walking” pile of shoes as this morning my poor toesies are utterly shredded by the peep toes. A review of the Stylist Pick service should be forthcoming this week as I’ve given it a 3 month trial!

And where was I Friday night?

I was here:

The beautiful, beautiful Spiegeltent for a performance of Cantina on the first night of the Norfolk and Norwich festival. It was an amazing and spellbinding show. I absolutely loved it, though it was very nearly ruined by the middle aged lady on my table who doesn’t appear to get out much and felt the need to provide a running commentary. “Oooh she’s going to put the flower in a vase” “Get ’em off” and “Get your own back” during a choreographed fight scene being highlights. When she started singing along with the musicians I nearly imploded.I hope someone who knows her is reading this and next time they go to a show they can gag her in advance.

My extreme intolerance of other human beings aside, though, it really was wonderful.

There was no photography during the performance, so I can’t show you a woman tightrope walking in heels, nor can I show you contortionists, women walking on bottles or naked men making handkerchiefs disappear and reproducing them from unmentionable places. I can suggest you go see it yourself if you get chance.

I can also show you a short one minute You Tube video of some high lights.