Woo Hoo!

I’m going back to this post from January 2010 again. It was the one where I wrote about 4 things I’ve always *really* wanted to own, but have never quite managed to get at the right price or quality.

Earlier this year I ticked “cloak” off the list with thanks to a Topshop sale. And now I get to tick off Leather Satchel too.

Shortly before I went on holiday I was contacted by The Leather Satchel Co. I have to confess here that they gave me a choice, I could have a satchel for review, or one to giveaway. I apologise profusely to you all, but 25 years of reading Enid Blyton and desperately wanting a leather satchel led me down the selfish route and I got one for myself. (You can’t say I never give you anything though, I bought you back a pen with a floating boat in it from Germany AND a souvenir shot glass and fig liqueur, if you haven’t seen it then take a trip here)

I’m not sorry about it either as I am in LOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

It’s sturdy, dark brown leather, all perfect buckles with a little name and address tag on the front. I went for the 15″ extra tall version and wonder of wonders it fits my laptop perfectly. Far classier than the free laptop bag I had been using from the stationary company I used to work for!

I am completely chuffed with it and I kind of can’t wait for it to get bashed about a bit. It feels like a proper heirloom and I imagine someone finding it in a vintage shop in 50 years time and wondering about who owned it before. I might even write on the inside!

I hadn’t heard of The Leather Satchel Co before, but I think that’s because I do most of my shopping online and it seems from the communications I’ve had that it’s a small family company that are only just really getting involved in promoting themselves online. (I hope they don’t mind me saying that, but I actually really like that about them!) They’ve been around making satchels since the late 60s, so they’re presumably pretty good at it by now, but just in case they have an off day all the bags come with a 5 year guarantee.

Getting the bag delivered was pretty good fun too. It comes all wrapped up in brown paper and string, with a special gift tag attached. I took many lovely photos of the pretty packaging. Then I put them in a folder called “Satchel” on my computer. That folder now appears to be mysteriously empty, I’m very confused. I kept the tag though, so I took another photo of that!

You can find the Leather Satchel Co on their website (they sell through Amazon) They also have a Facebook page and Twitter Account.

Even better, they do special offers on their Facebook page. If you click the “Buy Online” link in their left hand menu and “Like” the page then you can get the 15″ “Tall Boy” in Chocolate Brown leather (which is the one I have as a laptop bag) for just £54 instead of £89. That’s a fantastic price for a leather satchel, and if I’d known I could get one for that price before they contacted me I’d probably have bought one (or asked for one as a present, I’m not stupid)

Don’t tell them that though….