Sometimes people send me product samples to try.

Sometimes I like them and I write a whole review on them. Sometimes I don’t like them, and unless they’re actually positively damaging to your health I probably just won’t use them or mention them. But sometimes I DO like them, but there’s really not enough to say about them to warrant a whole post on the subject.

So today I thought I’d mention 4 products I’ve tried recently that I like, but I don’t have enough to say about for a full review!

First Up:

Bumble & Bumble Bob Gel £12.61 from Windle & Moodie (currently reduced to £9.46)

When this was first sent to me I had high hopes for being able to use it as a setting medium. The description says “moulds firm and shiny shapes, or brushes into soft, yet still-shapely forms”. In my experience it just brushes out completely, leaving me with straight hair, but on the plus side, not sticky. It is really useful for creating waves or victory rolls on days when I haven’t set my hair.I also use it to help smooth and keep my hair in place when I roll it with a rat at the back.

Essentially it’s a good hair gel, and alcohol free so it won’t dry your hair out. Which is a bonus if you’re already smothering it in setting lotion.

One thing I didn’t like was the twisty lid which was a nightmare to operate one-handed and also leaked all over my dressing table and removed the varnish from a perfectly circular area. Grr.

Besame Rouge £22 from What Katie Did

I absolutely love this product. It’s pricy, but like all Besame cosmetics it comes in packaging pretty enough to make you feel it’s worth it. It gives a beautiful flush to the cheeks with barely the slightest touch, which means it’ll last ages and it smells divine. It reminds me of cherry chapstick!

You can also use it to add a light stain to lips as well, which looks very 1920s and makes it a perfect multi purpose product for popping in your handbag.

On the down side as a lip tint it’s not amazingly long-lasting and the pretty tin can be slightly tricky to open!

Simple Kind to Eyes Make Up Corrector Pen £4.99

I’ve always had problems with eyeliner and mascara smudging under my eyes during the day and this is perfect for keeping in the bottom of your bag to clean up any smudges. Easier to carry and more effective than a cotton bud.

The biggest problem with it is that once you use it the tip gets stained. Simple recommend using a facial wipe to clean the tip. This could be a bit wasteful, plus add to your handbag weight considerably. I wipe it with a tissue when I’m out and then you can clean it properly when you cleanse your face at home in the evening.

Betty Hula Body Butters £14.99

I didn’t really get big enough samples of these to properly trial them as a body lotion, which is one of the reasons I haven’t reviewed them properly before.

From the small samples I have they seem like rich and creamy body butters and they smell divine. My favourite is the Champagne & Spice.

They’re also now available in Sainsburys apparently.