Well, it’s the long slippery slope to Christmas now!

I hope all your thrifty gifts are wrapped and under the tree and you are relaxed and feeling festive. If not, then why not? Seriously, don’t stress, it’s only 1 day and enjoying the run up is half the fun!

People often tell you that one of the trials on being self-employed is you don’t get a Christmas party. Well, I managed to prove everyone wrong by having 2 in one week this year.

Last Monday Glamourologist and I dragged ourselves onto a train and down to London for the WWMOOB London Christmas Party. WWMOOB stands for Wonderful Women Minding Our Own Business and is a women’s networking group set up by Ree Ree Rockette of Rockalily. It was at the Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch, which served many lovely cocktails, and a really horrible espresso martini. Dress code was Christmas Jumpers, and I did have a Christmas Cardigan, though it was too warm to wear all night. My tights make up for it though right?


❤ Jumper - Oasis via eBay ❤ Belt - Vintage ❤ Oh Gosh! Pencil Skirt - Lady K Loves ❤
 ❤ Tights- Red or Dead ❤ Shoes- Faith ❤ Hair Clips - Betsy Hatter ❤

This is the only full length photo I have, and I look a bit shifty eyed. Suffice to say many cocktails were drunk. I got a lovely Secret Santa necklace from Pip Jolley and then I made a new friend on the train, drank some more vodka and woke up in surprise at Norwich Station at 2 am.

I’d barely recovered from Monday, when it was time for the Norwich branch of WWMOOB to have it’s own little celebration. This time there were rum cocktails, Christmas socks, and mini snuff bar courtesy of Reginald Spleen. Also, none of us took photos as we were too busy drinking rum, so I took a quick outfit snap when I went home so I could share the festive look!

❤Dress- 40s Vintage ❤ Tights- Pamela Mann ❤ Shoes - Primark via a Bootfair ❤
 ❤ Hairclips - Sugar and Hatter ❤ Necklace - Christmas tree baubles ❤

Yes, I am wearing Christmas tree baubles as a necklace, they were scavenged from some wrapping paper at Mondays party. Those Christmas tights are the ones I wrote about and bought last year.

This years favourite Christmas accessory is those hair clips though, here’s a closer look. There’s 2 there, a Holly one and a Mistletoe one, handmade by Betsy Hatter! The Holly was £4.50 and the Mistletoe is £2.50. There’s still some mistletoe in the Etsy shop, but I think the Holly is being made to order now!

My final pre Christmas celebration last week was a little more low key. Mr Chick and I took a flask of mulled wine and a flask of chilli to the park for a festive picnic, before retiring to a near by pub to warm up and drink mulled wine by the fire.

I have more festive things planned for this week. Including a probably not very festive at all trip to the supermarket to stock up on things like Advocaat and other things you only ever buy at Christmas.

If you’re waiting to hear the giveaway winner, then check your emails! I’m waiting to hear back before I announce the winner!

How is your festive planning? Are you suffering seasonal stress?