It’s time to announce the winner of this years AMAZING Christmas Stocking!

There were over 800 entries to sift through, but I plugged the numbers into, ever the bloggers favourite random number generator, and came up with a winner.

And that winner is…..

…if we could just build up the tension a bit…..

…maybe a bit more than that, it is a big prize!…..

Loook, at all the goodies……

Ok, that’s enough tension, I don’t want to come over all reality TV and leave lots of big pauses….

Or maybe I do….

OK, no, the winner is……

Congratulations Kate! Your prize will be with you imminently, if I can bring myself to part with it!

In Other News…..

I have a couple of other exciting things to share as well, so I thought I’d tag them on the bottom of this, while I’ve got your attention, sort of!

Exciting news number 1 is that Retro Chick has been included in the Channel 4, 4 Beauty list of the Best Fashion Blogs, which pleases me greatly! They like my red lipstick reviews apparently, which means I must pull my finger out and write up all these ones I’ve had queued for ages! Sadly they took a snapshot of my header to use in December, which means that I will forever be on the list in a red dress and Santa hat *sigh*

Exciting news number 2 is from Vintage Norwich which has managed to be featured twice recently. Once in the Guardian in a feature on the best Independent shopping destinations, and once on the Enjoy England blog, which is the official English tourist board site, no less.

Exciting news number 3 is from the Historical Sauces, who, I’m REALLY excited to announce, will be stocking What Katie Did Stockings and Besame Lipsticks from the New Year. The first order is winging it’s way to us as you read and you can come and visit us at a Most Curious Parties Vintage Wedding Fair in February if you’re need of hosiery or lipstick services!

Hurrah! Have you got any exciting news to share? I’m in that kind of mood!