I have daffodils in my house.

That means it’s definitely spring, huzzah!

There’s certain things that seem appropriate when spring starts to creep into the air, and polka dots are one of them. I have a love hate relationship with polka dots. Much like cupcakes they are at times disturbingly and inexplicably linked to the word “vintage” in a way that is utterly bemusing and occasionally irritating. Like cupcakes, however, they can also be very tasty in the right time and place, and Spring is certainly a time that feels polka dotty to me.

So today’s Friday Frock Love is Polka Dots for any budget!

I can’t really afford new clothes but would like to buy some anyway

Dresses for under £50. I struggled a little with this category actually, the problem with cheaper frocks is they tend to be short, but in the end I came up with a couple!

Spot Print Belted Dress – Wallis – £40 – £32

First in the under £50 frock category is this lovely flippy number from Wallis that could work for anything from the 40s-60s depending on how you style it. They currently have a 20% off deal on, so it’s a fairly bargainous £32. It might be a bit on the short side, so I’d check your measurements if you’re tall.

Polka Dot Split Dress – Miss Selfridge – £39

For some reason this makes me think of 1930s beach pyjamas, but in dress form. I think it’d be all with the styling with this dress. An armful of bangles, some nice lace up wedge espadrilles and some round 30s style sunglasses and it could look fabulous.

I Want to spend money on something lovely

Dresses from £50-£100. Not cheap, but not insanely expensive. These are an investment that will last you a fair while rather than a one hit wonder.

Utility Dress – Tara Starlet – £75

Repro 1940s style in a really pretty fabric in tiny pin spot polka dots. This looks very spring like in pink, but I also lurve the green quite a lot.


Lora Dot Dress – People Tree – £75

Looks like a cute 50s style frock in a nice spring like coral colour. Plus it’s from people tree so is ethically made.

Budget? I don’t need no stinking Budget.

If you’ve money to burn, or a really special occasion to go to then maybe you want to splash out some serious dough. Or maybe you just like looking at pretty frocks even though you can’t afford them (yep!)

Fellini Dress – Lena Hoschek – £500

Fabulous vintage style Austrian designer Lena Hoschek has this gorgeous 50s strapless number with an embroidered waistband. I can imagine this at a late spring wedding, or garden party. I’m fairly sure it would earn you £500 worth of compliments and jealousy!

Polka Dot Silk Crepe Dress – Giuletta – £990

The blurb on this says it has a 60s feel, but I think that scalloped edging and the clean lines look quite 30s. I’d wear it with cream crochet gloves, a clutch and a little tilt hat. Or I would if I had £990 to spend on a dress (or at all).