Is it Monday? I’m really confused!

Norwich Fashion Week is in full swing here, which means I’ve barely noticed there being such a thing as a weekend, I’ve been so busy. Norwich Fashion Week is a week of events, promoted and run by the local newspaper the Evening News, designed to promote the independent shops and businesses in Norwich and get local fashion students involved. It’s actually really great fun, but very tiring if you’re working at a lot of events! This year I am not only trying to cover a lot for Vintage Norwich, but I’m also working several events with The Historical Sauces.

On Friday night the Lanes area of the City organised a “Fashions Night Out” with all the independent shops in the area throwing open their doors with drinks, nibbles, goodie bags and other events going on. The Historical Sauces turned the back room of Imelda’s Shoe Boutique into vintage beauty boudoir for the night offering mini “flicks and lips” tutorials and selling our Besame Lipsticks to visitors.

We full expected to get barely any visitors and at 6pm were making plans on how we could go out and grab people in, when all of a sudden we were inundated with people wanting eyeliner tips and we didn’t even get chance to grab another glass of free prosecco until it was all over at 9pm!

Then on Saturday morning I woke up to find that the front page of the local paper looked like this.

Waaahhh! That’s us! Wielding lipstick like they’re weapons (which of course, they are).

Then on Saturday night I was accidentally in a kebab shop after midnight, only to be faced with the quite weird situation of watching people read a paper with my face on the front.

Bizarrely they seemed more interested in the Football pages than in the huge local celebrity (ha!) who had mistakenly stumbled into a kebab shop whilst in search of Champagne and Caviar, but that’s probably for the best to be honest.

Having also accidentally gone to bed at 2am (I was very accident prone on Saturday) I’ll confess that my 7am alarm call on Sunday was a bit traumatic. Apparently I’m too old for late nights and early mornings (though in retrospect I’m not sure I ever remember being young enough for them)

We were heading along to the Dress Like a Queen Vintage Day with a bit of inspiration for people from the Pop Up Library as well as our lipsticks and stockings. We also, scarily last minute, had to leap in and save the day by doing a beehive demonstration to a room full of people. Poor old Missy Vintage had to wear a radio mic and everything (though I suspect she secretly enjoyed that) and she did create the most amazing beehive as well as filling everyone in on a bit of history behind the hairstyle.

Unfortunately I don’t yet have any hilarious photos of me with my hair stood up in the air while it was being back combed, but I have no doubt that they’ll eventually show up!

We had a busy day manning (womanning?) the Library and providing the ladies of Norwich with all their lipstick and stocking needs.

So we rounded it off with fizz and doughnuts at Historical Sauces HQ, which I will show you more of soon!

Of course, after a busy weekend like that I’m taking today off, right?

Nope, apparently I am going to be on BBC Radio Norfolk this afternoon to promote the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes event Vintage Norwich is running in association with Cinema City on Wednesday night, and this evening I’m off to a Social meet for our little networking group the Norwich Independent Network.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a lie in!