Something I am finding a bit of a trauma at the moment is finding nice sleepwear.

It is, of course, entirely possible that I am just fussy as hell. I can’t sleep in pyjamas, I want a nightdress. Satin looks nice and moves easily on sheets, but I don’t want it to cling to me like cheap satin does and make me a fire hazard. I also want something below knee length and without those razor sharp spaghetti straps that they will insist on making everything with these days. Something with a touch of the 1930s boudoir about it.

Given my fussiness I have conducted an online hunt for nightdresses that fit the bill. I’ll still want to see these in person before I commit, but they certainly look the part so far.

I will just add that these were astonishingly hard to find and few and far between! I can’t be the only person who wants attractive sleepwear, warm knees and finds spaghetti straps have a tendency to dig in? Calling all nightwear and lingerie designers, make something beautiful, sexy, but practical. I’ll love you forever.

On The High Street

Ivory Embellished Full Length Night Dress – £22 – Debenhams

This kind of night dress does occasionally show up in the bridal section, and although I’d prefer colours other than white or ivory, this one does tick the boxes.

Scoop Neck Floral Lace Long Nightdress – £22.50 – Marks and Spencer

I expected Marks and Spencer to come up with a couple of options, and they did. This looks very pretty, with straps slightly wider than the normal spaghetti strap

Rose Print Long Nightdress – £25 – Marks & Spencer

Another from Marks and Spencer. The floral fabric is nice and summery, but I’d love some plain options too.

Rose Print Satin Night Dress – £20 – Bon Marche

I told you not to discount those “old lady” shops on the High Street. This is actually very pretty. Zoom in on the actual site and it has lovely pleat detailing at the bust too.


Finally, my hunt threw up a website called Sleep Pretty Nightwear. It’s prices are way out of my league, sadly, but they have some beautiful nightdresses that just needed to be shared.

Silk Chiffon Nightdress £339

Yes, I know, £339 for a nightdress, but at least it’s actually made to measure. I think this might be my dream night dress, though not sure how the capey bits would be to sleep in? (who cares!)


Vintage Style Satin Midi Nightdress £79.99

In the *slightly* more affordable section of non made to measure night dresses they have this gorgeous vintage style midi length.

Wine Red Long Satin Night Dress £109.99

Finally on the more vampy side they have this full length dark red satin dress with lace detail and a side split