I’m not great at Interior Design.

Some people seem to have the most amazing ideas for their homes. They look amazing and totally represent the person they are, whilst being practical and easy to live with.

I’ve lived in rented houses for most of my life, and on most days you’re lucky if you can see they floor. I’ve some bits I like, but I’ve never seemed to master that quirky chic organised chaos look, veering more towards total chaos.

I am about to move into the first non rented house, so I’m quite excited by the book that’s just been released by Jo from Vintage Brighton and Mat from Southern Retro.

Your Inspection Welcome offers a sneak peek inside 10 houses with vintage inspired decor from Victoriana to Mid Century Modern. Not only can I scour the photos for inspiration, but they’ve also delved a bit deeper and asked the people behind the homes to share the stories of their special vintage finds. (Something I did do a few years ago in my house, maybe I should do an update!)

In Jo Ann’s words

“These are not in-your-dreams, out-of-your-budget, over-styled interiors, but real, lived-in and imperfectly personal homes, some rented, some owned and spanning one-bedroom to five storeys.”

Sounds perfect for my charity shop inspired decor finds.

Your Inspection Welcome by Mat Keller and Jo Ann Fortune can be ordered online at Blurb.com