Last night I took my new dress out for cocktails.

Ever since I came back from Las Vegas it’s been hung on the back of my bedroom door eyeing me reproachfully. “I don’t care about your coughing and spluttering” it seemed to say, “I’m a lovely dress, you owe me glamour and cocktails”. So last night was the launch of a new night for the Norwich Cocktail Club and the dress virtually begged me to let it come along.

It was cocktails on a Thursday, I had no doubt that its shimmering satin would be way over dressed, but I couldn’t stand it’s reproach any more so off we went.


♥ Dress – Lime Drop from Bettie Page ♥ Ring – Sugar & Vice ♥ Shoes – Unisa ♥

The dress really wanted gold shoes and extra jewellery, but I had to walk into town so I promised it that gold stilettos would come soon, but for now tan peep toes I can actually walk in would have to do.

I also offer up these photos as evidence of the importance of the right underwear. You can be the skinniest person in the world, but your underwear can still make you look lumpy and bumpy. I think the dress looks far better here, with my M&S Smoothing slip under it, than it did in the original bad changing room selfie.


This was the first time I’d been to Norwich Cocktail Club, I’d walked past posters before, but it had always been on nights I wasn’t free. It’s now setting up shop in a couple of new venues, local cafe and restaurant TALC is its Thursday venue, and I’d been promised a free cocktail as it was the launch night. Nothing gets me out of the house quicker than a free cocktail. Cold or no cold.

When I arrived they had a list of 5 cocktails, but there was no name of ingredients list, rather they described the cocktail and you chose by number.


My favourite was the number 4. Devine, boozy and rich. A twist on an old fashioned. Shown here with cocktail 3. Rich and delicious. Another one of our creations, inspired by a Crepe we loved so much.

cocktail 4
ncc norwich cocktail club cake


The cocktails were tasty, reasonably priced at £5 each, and I very much enjoyed table service rather than having to wait at the bar. I think I’ll definitely pop in again if I’m free, and it’s also appearing at local pub the Wild Man on Wednesdays.

There was even free cake. Nothing makes you feel better than free cake.