Today I am feeling very tired.

It’s entirely possible that last night I didn’t order any dinner, but did have several large bottles of lovely beer, which, it turns out, isn’t a recipe for feeling bright and perky on a Monday morning. Who knew?

In true Lazy Girls Guide style I have used every trick in the book to avoid making any effort with my appearance at all while convincing innocent bystanders that I have made a real effort.

Heels. Tick. Dress. Tick. Beret. Tick. And all in the Glamorous surroundings of a Holiday Inn bedroom.

❤ Beret – eBay ❤ Cardigan & Dress – Marks & Spencer via a Charity Shop ❤ Shoes – Clarks ❤

This is actually a common every day outfit for me. Nice comfy jersey dress, suitable for travel or sitting around writing in, cardigan and opaques to keep out freezing cold weather, beret to hide unbrushed pin curls, or hair that hasn’t been set at all.

No, I’m sorry, the Holiday Inn is far too depressing. Lets take a trip to a nice room with art deco windows instead shall we?

I’m really there, honestly. It’s not a really bad Photoshop job at all.

With my new bob and the beret I was feeling a bit of a 20s vibe, and I think a great way to disguise tired eyes is to pretend they’re supposed to look like that, so I’ve gone with black eyeliner. I also used the Besame Rouge on my cheeks and smudged a little in the centre of my lips for a bit of a subtle rosebud mouth effect.

So there you go, a boring outfit for a rainy, lazy sort of  Monday.

If you want to know how my first 10k race went yesterday then you can read about it over on Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra, complete with action running shots!