Christmas is a time for novelty tights.

Oh yes it is, sorry! I’m a big fan of seamed stockings for most of the year, with the occasional visit to the opaque tight drawer when the world freezes over, but when Christmas rolls around I just can’t resist novelty patterns.

A few years ago it was Red or Dead Snowflake Tights, and then it was Pamela Mann novelty prints with Christmas trees. Both of which got a Christmas party outing last year. This year I have my eye on some Fairisle prints.

Fairisle is satisfyingly festive, without being overly “novelty”, which means I can wear them in the daytime and satisfy my urge to theme my outfits without people pointing and laughing anymore than they already do.

I have hunted down my favourite selection of fairisle festive leg coverings, and now all I have to do is decide which ones to buy?

Red or Dead Ingie Tights – £12.49

Perfect fairisle print, but it looks like most of it is above the knee, so best for fans of shorter frocks maybe?

Pamela Mann Fairisle Love Heart Tights – £9.49

I love the print, but is such a light shade a good idea on someone with legs that are more sturdy oak than willowy?

F+F Fair Isle Cotton Soft Tights – £6

The cheapest, and possibly my favourite. Trust me, that’s not something that happens very often. I like the black and white, black is a better colour on my legs I’m sure, and the print stands out nicely as well.


Red or Dead Erica Tights – £14.49

These ones are a close second. But they would be as they are the most expensive. I like the fairisle type design in a flattering line up the side of the leg. I prefer the brown though, and they only appear to have black and blue left on the website.

Which is your favourite?